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Frank Fullard’s recent comment on this blog brought me some interest to check out who is checking out my blog (ain’t the blogging world grand :-)). In reading about his recent post about Women’s Vision For Their Future and his notes about Enterprise Ireland, I was reminded of some of the research that I did in support of Chile and Fernando Flores while I was in Chile in 2003.

In a very short time (one decade), Estonia, Finland, and Ireland have created “economic miricles” in creating unprecedented wealth in each of their countries…. especially for Finland and Estonia in shifting from Soviet centric markets to becoming first world market powerhouses.

Chile is undertaking a similar economic transformation… which they call “Chile 2010“. The shift in the underlying feeling in the country is substantial (I traveled to Chile in 1997, 1998, and 1999, as well as living there in 2003 and visiting several times since 2003).

It is my belief that this shift in each one of these countries is happening for two reasons- one because of the underlying belief that a change is possible in each country, and secondly, programs that are supporting individual entrepreneurs to build their businesses (not just conditions that favor large corporations, but conditions that favor the individual entrepreneur).

Thank you Frank for reminding me of this connection to Enterprise Ireland. And thank you as well for reading and commenting on my blog, and increasing the types of interactions that are possible by sharing this knowledge world wide.

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  1. I think that another factor could also be that technology to collaborate internationally across national and time zones is far simpler to use and the newer generation of entrepreneurs are far more familiar with the use of the internet are far more willing to make use of it.

    Barriers to doing business internationally are still significant but access to information and data is certainly coming down at a rapid rate

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