A Preview of Exponential Entrepreneurship

Here is a quick preview of the conceptual shifts that I am wring about in my forthcoming book Exponential Entrepreneurship: Building Business Ecologies for the 21st Century.  Marla my editor has been kicking butt (mainly mine :-) and taking names  as we refine the trends that I see shifting the way work is being done.  Please share your feedback with me as well- whether through this blog as a comment or a private email to me- let me know how you see these shifts driving the way work is happening.  Jumping right in- there are four trends that I am trending as well as predicting:

  1. The Superempowerment of the Individual: we’re entering a time that not only is it cheaper to build a business because the cost of doing so has gone way down, but also, a true shift to knowledge work is empowering entrepreneurs at a level that has never been seen before on this planet
  2. Shifting from a Knowledge Economy to a Knowledge Ecology:  Talking about the Knowledge Economy is oh-so-1999.  Knowledge Economy companies used their old industrial mindsets to drive knowledge work.  Yet work changed, and now many of these old world companies are getting their lunch eaten by swift forward thinking competitors that know how to leverage human minds.  What is emerging is a Knowledge Ecology of providers of open knowledge flows.  Most interestingly, this shows us how even one individual, if he or she is prepared, can create their place in the ecology and thrive.
  3. An Attitudinal Shift:  The Millennials (sometimes called Generation Y- individuals that are in their early twenties) are driving a new relationship with work… where work serves living (not the other way around).  Although many companies try to placate these new workers “helping them fit in” what entrepreneurs and companies need to see is that the Millennials are driving a new paradigm of work- that will dominate the way that all work gets done within this decade.
  4. Superconductivity:  Social networking technology and word of mouth combined with these new attitudes are drastically shifting how ideas, technology, and life are perceived and adopted.  The world is in motion, and it is moving faster.  Some will see these changes as chaotic;  If you understand the underlying dynamics that are lowering the barriers between people, superconductivity can be leveraged for benefit.

How are you adapting to these trends? what do you see happening?  Let me know.

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